• In the Healing Journey one Must Remember, What we Imagine we Create...

    ~ Katya Davis

  • Reiki Services for People and Animals

    How we feel, see, react and respond to life’s circumstances has an affect on the quality of the life we live…

    Reiki assists to gradually deepen our connection to the universal energy.

    Helps us to release issues that hold us back bringing a renewed sense of peace and clear thinking.

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    Healing Sessions

    Reiki is a gentle and effective energy healing modality that originated in Japan. Each treatment nourishes the central nervous system and restores holistic balance within the body, mind and spirit. As stagnation is dissolved, higher frequency energy fills you. While Reiki does not replace medical treatments, it does support pre and post-surgical procedures, and has the potential to avert the need for medical attention.


    As a Holistic Approach Reiki can be a part of a person’s regular self-care practice (like one would receive regular massage). Reiki takes us out of survival mode so that we can thrive, and is known to help with stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, anger, depression, fatigue, mood swings, body toxicity, infertility, pre and post-natal care, physical and emotional pain, forgiveness, pre and post-surgery, creative blocks, self-love, and more.


    To receive Reiki in-person, clients are clothed and comfortably reclined on a treatment table. Katya gently places her hands along the Chakras (energy centers) of the body, sometimes working slightly above you. Reiki flows through her hands in currents that clients describe as warm, gentle pulsations.


    Katya’s remote sessions are as effective and relaxing, they are a perfect way to receive if you cannot travel or happen to live in another part of the world. She will consult with you and provide instructions for receiving. As an experienced Practitioner and Master Teacher of Reiki, Katya is able to create energetic rapport outside of time and space, by using the power of intention, to facilitate effective remote healing for humans and animals.*


    Psychic messages are often received by Katya as she channels Reiki. She shares her impressions when requested.


    Other modalities can easily be incorporated into a Reiki session. While Reiki stands alone for its healing benefits, it also supports the integration of holistic spiritual counseling, and the benefits of other modalities. Clients often start with Reiki Healing and later asking to integrate with Holistic Spiritual Counselling.

    60-minute sessions $130 | 90-minute sessions $160

    *Sessions for animals are generally shorter, so prices will vary. The animals communicate with Katya, so she will know when they have had enough Reiki, each animal is unique in their needs.

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    Trainings, Refresher and Master Classes

    Katya is a Reiki Master in the lineage of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing. She teaches and certifies Levels 1, 2 and 3. Whether for personal or professional use, each level takes one deeper into the energetic pathways of healing, as you learn of the history and use of Reiki, receive attunements to the ancient Reiki symbols, and practice on yourself, others and animals to gain experience and understanding of energy.


    Anyone can learn how to channel and use Reiki healing energy. And, for those seeking to enhance their professional healing practice, Reiki compliments all other modalities by enhancing the integration of them. Each level of training comes with a manual and certificate of completion.


    Reiki Level 1, Student: This level is for use of Reiki on yourself, family and friends. The prerequisite is to receive a professional session from Katya. Course duration: 2 days, investment $287


    Reiki Level 2, Practitioner: For those who wish to enhance the energy they have been channeling from level 1 for personal use, or to establish a client-based practice. The Prerequisite is to have worked with Reiki at Level One daily for three-months. Course duration: 2 days, investment $487


    Reiki Level 3, Master Teacher Training: For those who have advanced through levels 1 & 2 and wish to teach and offer sacred attunements to others. Course duration: 3 days, investment $1060


    Reiki as A Business: For those seeking inspiration and support in creating and sustaining a professional Reiki practice. Course duration: On-going, depending on your needs, investment calculated accordingly.


    Reiki Healing for Animals: For anyone who wishes to support the health of their family pets and other animals such as pet owners, veterinarians, and other animal care providers. The prerequisite is to receive a professional session from Katya or another Reiki Practitioner. Course duration: 1-1/2 days, investment $400


    To access Practitioner and Master Teacher Training Courses previous certificates and level of experience will need to be assessed and discussed.

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    Holistic Counselling

    In order to heal and transform the areas of your life that feel stuck, it is essential that long-standing, hidden emotions are identified and released. If you desire to remember who you are, reclaim self-confidence and live an empowered life, then Holistic Counseling will be a valuable choice for you. As old emotions unwind and release in stages at your pace, you will gain the clarity, strength and tools needed for healthy living.


    Katya offers a safe, relaxing environment and guides her clients to discover their truth with her empathic, heart-centered approach. She is your guide, witness and ally as you learn to find and express your authentic voice.


    Common issues that people need support with are: relationship concerns, past hurts and trauma, loss, grief, lack of self-esteem, anger, resistance to forgive, anxiety, control issues, illness, infertility, miscarriage, and more.


    Facilitated in person or via Zoom - as a stand-alone service or combined with another modality.


    Holistic Counselling 60 minutes from $100, or 90 minutes

    from $140

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    Nature Therapy

    "Nature itself is the best physician". ~Hippocrates


    When we are stressed mentally, emotionally and physically, we forget to reconnect with ourselves by connecting with nature. Everything that we need to reawaken the senses and find our joy can be found in the splendor of the natural world; soil, microbiome, plants, animal sounds, foods, fresh air, and sunshine are all medicine for the body, mind and spirit.


    On your behalf, Katya tunes in with nature using her intuition and training, to find what is needed to heal her client. She directs these frequencies from nature into the energy points of the body, which improves one’s state of mind and gives a true sense of wellbeing. If you seek relief from distractions, anxiety, stress, and want a better night’s sleep, Nature Therapy will connect you with mother earth and remind you that you are part of something magnificent.


    Facilitated in person or via Zoom - as a stand-alone service or combined with another modality.


    90 minutes - $ 150

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    Space Clearing & Blessing

    It is possible that your home, land or business could be causing energetic disturbances in your life. Most people buy or rent without knowing the full story of a place and move in once it’s been cleaned but have not cleared the residual unseen energies of any prior occupants. Some lingering energies can create a sense of unease, illness, sleepless nights, arguments or even the end of a relationship.


    Katya offers space clearing and blessing to support your move into a new home or business, which amplifies your potential for happiness and success there. And she will clear and bless any place or land that you currently occupy.


    Clearings and blessings are done in person on location or remotely from a distance, by moving energy with a divine intention. Sessions are usually 90 to 120-minutes in length, depending on the size of your property.


    Facilitated in person only depending on Covid rules.


    Prices start from $300 depending on location, size of property and requirements.

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    Spiritual Readings

    If you seek hidden knowledge about yourself and your life or wish to receive a message from a departed loved one, Katya will use her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to read your energy and connect you with the spirit realm. She can also calculate your numerology to help you to understand the information that your numbers hold.


    Each reading is tailored to the needs of the recipient and their energy, offering them a view of what their role in the universe is. This provides insight into relationships, career, health and access to ancestral wisdom, to give you insights beyond the logical mind. Akashic records can be accessed on request as

    a separate session.


    Spiritual readings are for those 18-years of age or older, unless requested by a legal guardian present, and can be done in person or remotely using a photograph.


    Katya has been passing messages on to others from a young age, providing information that she could not herself have known.


    From $130 for 60-minutes and $180 for 90-minute session

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    Slowing down to look within, reminds us that we are sacred beings having a human experience. Meditation helps us to live a better life; without takeing day to day things so seriously or get caught up in fear, it can give us all the mental clarity needed to navigate our experience with ease, thus achieving greater sense of abundance, as we tap into our genuine nature.


    Katya offers weekly and daily meditation classes in small groups or one-on-one, in person or online, so that you have a regular time set aside to drop in to the divinity within and experience tranquility through stillness. All levels of meditation are accommodated remembering that we work with the vibrations

    of Mother Earth.


    Connecting with like-minded people in meditation increases the power of calming visualization for a collective and individually based outcome, as it expands a loving energy field of universal higher consciousness to the rest of the world...


    To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet and still.
    ~ Jiddy Krishnamurti


    For personal 1-on-1 customized meditation with Katya -



    Weekly Meditation in a small group or private -



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    Colour and Crystal Therapy

    These ancient therapies use the frequencies of colour and light to communicate with the chakra centers and endocrine system of the body, bringing forth positive energy and correcting the imbalances caused by our stressful, contemporary lives. Gentle and true, the benefits of these modalities are accumulative and lasting.


    Katya assesses her client’s healing needs with intuitive precision based in training, experience and her innate rapport with the natural world. She may also include meditation, visualization and other tools to enhance these healing frequencies. After-care may include guidance with home décor, clothing, jewelry and food, to ensure an environment that supports wellness.


    Crystal Therapy may be facilitated remotely, if needed. Katya will create a crystal grid in her location to support a client’s healing. On their end, client’s report deep relaxation and different body responses as they clear and rebalance.


    Colour and Crystals can be used to support other modalities.

    $120 for 60 minutes

  • About Katya

    Reiki Master, Holistic Counseling, Nature & Plant Therapy, Spiritual Guide, Crystal & Color Therapy, Space Clearing

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    Katya is a naturally gifted healer and holistic therapist. She offers her private practice as an anchor of light in support of those overwhelmed by life’s challenges, especially now, with a world out of balance and people awakening to the truth that all life is sacred, we need the steadfastness of holistic healers and counselors such as Katya, to hold a clear point of reference for the collective.


    Her gifts run deep. Katya draws from her innate wisdom, extensive training and experience, her personal healing journey and power to manifest wellness, and her love of people. Katya communicates with genuine empathy as a sacred witness, meeting clients where they are on their human journey, and she illuminates their path forward using natural, timeless, healing modalities to bring them home within themselves, where they arrive with a greater sense of who they are spiritually.



    Certifications & Trainings

    • Diploma in Holistic Healing and Counselling including Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Spiritual Studies
    • Diplomas in Physical Health and Wellbeing including Fitness Director, Personal Training, Assessor in Teachers Training.
    • Certificates in Nutrition and Weight Management, Older population, Ante-postnatal, Stress Management.
    • Diploma in Nutrition and Movement for Mental Health
    • Certified in Nature Therapy, Herbalism, Healing with Australias's First People

    Previous background: General Manager for large global company, linguistic with extensive travel worldwide.

    In Europe, as a child, Katya instinctively healed plants and animals with the energy of her hands. As a young woman, her conscious awareness became amplified after reading the books that a spiritual friend had given her. Years later, just two-months after birth of her first child, Katya’s health became threatened. That is when she was introduced to the healing modality of Reiki and had a life-changing experience, which also reawakened her natural gifts. She went on to receive her sacred symbol attunements through the Reiki lineage of Mikao Usui and began working with clients who needed healing. Katya’s journey, as a healer and guide for others, blossomed from there.

    To pay homage to the teacher who made the healing power of Reiki accessible to the larger world, Katya traveled to Japan to visit Usui’s memorial and family gravesite, and she even climbed Mt. Kurama alone, to visit the place where he received the symbols in a vision quest.


    Today, Katya lives with her family on the Southeast coast of Australia. She sees clients in person and offers remote sessions to those who cannot travel or who live in other parts of the world. In her free time, Katya creates art with flowers and plants, and makes her own intuitive blends of aromatherapy by accessing the wisdom passed on through the ancestors, her educational studies of plants, and her own symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

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  • Client Reviews

    Layne M.

    "I feel truly fortunate to have met Katya 7 years ago. Her continuous help and deep understanding in what others need is beyond belief. I get support through everything, from her Meditation, to Counselling, Spiritual messages and Nature Therapy. I have also been lucky enough to participate in Katya’s specialist classes under her health and wellbeing side. Katya is very gifted, her genuine love and care always shines through."

    Silvia R. Avedikian Author and Reiki Healer 

    "I have had the pleasure to receive both ‘Holistic Healing and Spiritual Readings', from Katya many times; this has been both in person and from a distance. Each session had a profound, positive effect on me. Together with her most deep insights, which she always offers through her very professional and incredibly natural abilities, Katya assists me greatly.

    Katya always follows things through thoroughly and generously and delivers her findings and recommendations in a way that goes beyond expectations; she always offers full support, gives clarifications and explanations if ever I should need further insight. The word 'Holistic' truly applies to the sessions and the work that Katya does; her evident lifelong knowledge and kind, caring nature comes through every time. As a Reiki healer myself, I highly recommend Katya to anyone with all the modalities she offers. Her healing abilities, deep spiritual messages and guidance, have always been very accurate for me, very often outlining things she could not possibly have known, top quality service and very good value for money."

    Sam L.

    I have always been interested in health and natural remedies. So, during these unprecedent times I was searching for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I found Katya and I am glad I switched to this energetic holistic healing force. Thank you for the time you have so far spent with me during my sessions for Holistic Counselling and Energy Healing. Even from a distance, there is always an angelic rapport with you. You have been a lovely peaceful source of healing energy to have in my life during such difficult time. You have a caring and motherly soul which helps me to feel comforted and at peace. Thank you for your support, knowledge, holistic healing tools to utilise in my everyday life. May you be blessed by The Divine and the Angels Surround and protect you every day. Thank you Katya!

    Julie V.T.

    "I am an old client of Katya's. I have experienced Reiki Healing and Holistic counselling along with  meditation, nature healing and chair exercise with her. Katya is incredibly caring, highly knowledgeable and professional to the point that my medical specialist was extremely impressed when I told them how and with what Katya had guided me. I was told by my doctor that it was exactly what they would have recommended for me! Having had the privilege to work with Katya both privately and as part of a group, I can honestly say that everyone loves her, her warm personality and professional, gifted intuitive approach."

    Wendy Stayner Artist

    "I cannot speak highly enough, or thank Katya from Holistic Paths enough for the manners in which she has helped a friend from overseas who was going through the most traumatic, life changing, hopeless situation in his life. Katya, without hesitation, upon me reaching out to her, put all her energy, expertise and deep spirituality, with messages, healing abilities into assisting my friend; in turn she assisted myself with counselling and helped me going through the reality of seeing my friend in such dire situation. Katya made herself available to assist at all hours given the time difference within the 2 countries, and I cannot thank her enough for this.

    Katya’s devotion to my friend and myself, her tireless energy and commitment is always extraordinarily generous, she goes above and beyond with a very selfless attitude, care and love for my friend and myself. Katya’s ability to understand the situation, receive incredibly accurate psychic messages is a wonderful gift which in turn makes her a perfect, above many, holistic healer and counsellor. I cannot thank her enough for her extremely generous commitment she made to my friend and is still ongoing with me and friends."

    Dot J. Nurse

    "I had heard of Katya from a friend who had been using her for years. Upon my dear dog Billy becoming inexplicably ill, I was able to have Katya come to me and give him healing.

    Watching my dog, generally very weary of anyone new, immediately sitting in front of Katya before going completely on his side close to her, was amazing. Katya would work on him from a distance, her hands would move over Billy and every time she changed spot my dear dog would fall deeper into sleep to the point of snoring. I have seen my dog stand up and licking Katya on her cheeks at the end every session, I have also seen him bringing toys up to her which he seldom does with a new person. Needless to say, my dog healed within 3 sessions.

    I am utterly grateful to Katya who helped me when others could not and guided me to learn natural pathways I had not explored before."


    Marc Laurenson, Astrologer and Teacher (Sydney Astrology School)

    "Katya is an intuitive and gifted person on the planet to help others along their spiritual paths. She is dedicated to her own Spiritual evolution and exemplifies what living in alignment with her Soul really means. Katya is an incredibly kind Soul with a special energy that can tap into exactly what a person needs to help improve their lives.


  • Book a free 30-minute introductory call to find out more about Katya's Healing Paths and what would work best for you! 


    Close your eyes and be transported to this eternal all-powerful land! As you arrive, walk down the path, sit on the earth and allow Australia's first peoples to welcome you with their Smoking Ceremony.


    This ancient custom can only be performed by Australia's first peoples. The smoldering of native plants produce smoke with cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits. Smoking ceremonies can also be used in healing and spiritual renewal, a real ritual of purification and unity, accompanied by music, or songs.

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    We are all connected

    I could not omit to include a mark of appreciation on my website, the need to deliver my acknowledgement and gratitude to the custodians of this sacred country, Australia.


    I treasure the people, for only the traditional indigenous owners past, present and future, hold the memories, the culture, the knowledge and hopes of all Australia's first peoples They have keys which can take us all into a better future.


    I myself, with my family, feel incredibly blessed for the privilege we have been given of living on this sacred land. I know, that I am merely here as a temporary visitor having a unique life and learning experience, absorbing energy daily from the land, its red soil, its waters, amazing plants and unique wildlife.

    An open door to nature, embrace, connect!


    An inviting open door, showing us the way to animals, plants, soil and water, for they all encompass the essence of our being.

    There is a real need to return to nature and to absorb the healing which comes from it, the need for all of us to return home and be reminded to honour and respect the land.


    As we cross into someone else’s territory, we first pay our respects, then embrace each traditional ceremony and treasures within each culture.


    Walk around, quietly, feel the free spiritual gifts that we are given; the universal energy source is everywhere, connects us back to who we truly are.

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    Uluru/Kata Tjuta Night Sky

    Uluru is considered the red centre of Australia. It stands at a crossroad in between many sacred paths holding the memories of the aboriginal ancestors that have experienced many journeys and adventures. Uluru, is believed to be the Solar Plexus chakra of the earth, corresponding to the Female Great Dragon Ley Line which connects to Lake Titicaca in Peru.

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  • Australia's First Peoples' Symbols

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    The land is my mother. Like a human mother, the land gives us protection, enjoyment and provides our needs – economic, social and religious. We have a human relationship with the land: Mother, daughter, son. When the land is taken from us or destroyed, we feel hurt because we belong to the land and we are part of it. - Gondarra

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    We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose is to observes, to learn, to grow, to love...and then we return home. - Unknown author, Australian Aboriginal Proverb


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    So I take this word reconciliation and I use it to reconcile people back to Mother Earth, so they can walk this land together and heal one another because she’s the one that gives birth to everything we see around us, everything we need to survive. - Max Dulumunmun Harrison

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    At the Sunrise Ceremony, I meditate and ask the Great Spirit for direction. My hands fill with electricity. I touch you and you feel it, too. I heal people this way. My Grandmother did that, too. I learned all about that when I was a young fellow… We learn to respect the elders who hand on the Law. The elders guard the Law and the Law guards the people. This is the Law that comes from the mountain. The mountain teaches the dreaming. - Guboo Ted Thomas

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